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    This fall and winter, English Language Learners (ELLs) will be working on some of these social studies integrated unit themes:



    -       Building an understanding of the classroom environment, the school community, and what it means to be good citizens of a school community

    -       Learning about what makes families special

    -       Building an understanding of how the local neighborhood meets our needs

    Grade 1

    -       Building the concept of community and neighborhood; helpers and workplaces

    -       Understanding the importance of families, and the ways they are related to communities

    -       Building an understanding of students’ relationship to the world around them

    Grade 2

    -       Learning about the rights, rules, and responsibilities of citizens and their local government

    -       Exploring urban, suburban, and rural communities

    -       Understanding how and why New York City has changed over time

    Grades 3, 4, 5

    -       Building an understanding of how geography, climate, economics, and people contribute to the culture of a region

    -       Learning about the importance of rainforests and other natural resources

    -       Understanding how Native Americans, European settlers, African Americans, and recent immigration have impacted the development of the U.S.


    Language skills and vocabulary are embedded in the academic content, and aligned with the Common Core standards.