• September: What is Kindergarten is studying?

    Unit of Study: Building Classroom Communities 

    During the first fifteen days of school we will be reading familiar literature books and stories about what it means to be a good classroom citizen

    • Students will read fiction stories to learn about classroom citizenship

    Go Math!: 

    • Chapter 1: Students will represent, count and write numbers 0 to 5
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    Kindergarten Homework, what to expect?

    Homework is a crucial part of your child's active learning process and essential to their academic progress. Please make sure that all homework is completed daily. 

    • Remember, you are there to support your child's learning, but homework needs to be completed by your child.  
    • Remember to sign your child's homework every day!

    Kindergarten homework is as follows:

    Sight words: Please review flash cards daily.

    Sight word sentences: Please write 1 to 3 sentences using the sight word of the day.

    Math sheet: All math sheets should be completed.  Practice counting up to 100 (by 1's, 2's, 5's and 10's). Also, count up to 100 out of sequence.

    Reading: Your child should be reading every day for 10- 15 minutes.  You may read to your child, your child may read to you, or you can read together.

    Please review the Homework Rubric below:

    4: My work is complete, correct and neat.  I did extra work.

    3: My work is complete, correct and neat.

    2: My work is incomplete.  Some of my work is incorrect, and I need to be neater.

    1: My work is incomplete or incorrect.

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