Kindergarten Studies

March - April: Whats is Kindergarten is studying?

Unit of Study: Animals – Polar Bears & Penguins

  • In the beginning of March, students will continue to read nonfiction text and fiction stories to learn about penguins and polar bears.
  • Informative writing: Students will learn how to name their topic and write facts to support their topic.

Social Studies: Families

In the third integrated unit of study, students will learn about families.

  • Students will read fiction and nonfiction text in order to learn about different kinds of families.
  • Students will learn about nuclear and extended families and be able to name the family members.

Writing: Opinion Writing

  • Students will use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to compose opinion pieces in which they tell a reader the topic and state an opinion or preference about the topic.

Mondo Focus:

  • Students will be reading fiction and nonfiction texts and focusing on C.A.P skills. 
  • Students will be learning how to make predictions, make simple inferences, identify the main idea, and retell a story.

Go Math!: 

  • Chapter 7: Students will represent, count, and write numbers 11 to 19. 
  • Chapter 8: Students will continue to represent, count, and write 20 and beyond.
  • Chapter 9: Students will be able to identify and describe two-dimensional shapes.
  • Chapter 10: Students will identify three-dimensional shapes.