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Summer Rising
 If you are interested in attending the Summer Rising program, you should take these three key steps in preparation for summer school enrollment:
  • Go to to learn where P.S.108's Summer Rising program is located for summer, and which CBOs will be partnering with the school;
  • Complete this Summer Rising interest survey, which will allow someone to contact you once our  program site has been added and to help you through the registration process; and
  • Create an account on the discoverDYCD site. This will allow you to receive weekly emails from DYCD letting you know which programs have been added.


2020-2021 Emergency Cards

Please complete your child's emergency card online! 

Emergency Card QR Code

Use QR code or complete card using the link below:


P.S. 108 School Uniforms 

School Uniforms


P.S. 108 Mission

Our mission is to foster the optimum achievement of students by empowering them with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in a complex, global society.

P.S. 108 Vision

Our vision is to provide a comprehensive, rigorous, exciting educational program with an emphasis on literacy and mathematics development that is aligned with NYS and NYC performance standards. Guided by the principles of learning, students are challenged to think critically. Inquiry, analysis, problem solving and decision-making are integral parts of an educational program that allows students to achieve individually and cooperatively. Our collaborative spirit seeks to nuture and support the whole child. Through academic and artistic endeavors students develop self-confidence, tolerance and independence while celebrating similarties and diversity. Educators and parents support efforts to increase students' access to information with a growing emphasis on technology. P.S. 108 recognizes its responsibility to prepare students not only for the next level of education but also for the many challenges facing productive citizens of an ever-changing society.


Principal Sperrazza
Our Principal Charles Sperraza Awarded with the CEI  Principal Ambassador Award December 2, 2019 at the Plaza Hotel, New York!