• Stations are a great way to practice skills and keep students moving with maximum participation.  With the small space for our Physical Education Program it is important that students are involved and active for the majority of the time.

     * Practice Makes Perfect *




    - There are 3 holes on a bowling ball.  The top 2 holes are for your middle and ring finger and the bottom hole is for your thumb. 

    - Reach Back - Arm Close to Side of Body – Step with Opposite foot - Release Ball at Low Level – Rolling the ball and Aiming for the side of the Front Pin.  

    - Set pins back up 




    - Scooter Rules - No Standing! Hold onto Handles and Watch your fingers!   When not using turn upside down!

    -  Using scooters works on Coordination, Balance and Vision. It also strengthens muscles and builds muscle endurance. 




    -    Hand Eye Coordination – Aim – Accuracy

    -    B – Balance ball on palm of hand

    -    E – Elbow is bent at 90 degrees

    -    E – Eyes are on target

    -    F – Follow-through






    -      Balance – Hand Eye and Foot Eye Coordination

    -      Stay on Blue Mat because you can slip and fall

    -      Lift up Rope and Leg at same time




    -  Agility drills help improve coordination, power and foot speed. 

    -  Some different ways to move through the hoops are quick feet in and out of the hoops, 2 feet jumps and 1 foot hops




    Students take turns rolling each die. Roll a # and do the exercise.

    Jumping Jacks, Arm Circles, Push Ups, Sit Ups, Toe Touches, and Hop on 1 foot

    Hand Eye Coordination


    Paddles with Bouncy ball      Badminton Raquet and Birdie        Scoops 

    Watch Ball with Eyes * Use Favorite Hand * Don't forget its important to Practice with Both our Hands * 




    *Around Waist * Feet Shoulder width apart * Moving hips in a circular motion *

    Hula Hoops serve as a very useful vehicle for enhancing Hand-Eye and Foot-Eye Coordination as well as Body Awareness. It is also a great Cardiovascular Exercise. 



    Foot-Eye Coordination * Improves quickness and Creates new Motor Pattern Movement * It's a Fun and Popular Sport to Play! *

    We practice dribbling the ball with the insides of our feet, keeping the ball close to our body and keeping our head up to always watch where we are going. 


    We Practice Passing to ball to our Partners * First by learning how to get Control of the Ball then passing the ball with the inside of our foot keeping the ball low to the ground.



    Feet shoulder width apart *   Bend your knees  *  Make a diamond (hands together) with index finger and thumbs  *  Strike the ball with your fingerpads *  Extend arms and hands upward and “reach for the sky”



     GRIP: Hands apart with your least favorite hand (the one you don't write with) holding the top of hockey stick. Your favorite hand grips the stick about a foot below that hand.  Bend your knees and keep the bottom of the stick on the ground.