• December - January:

    Students in P.S. 108 are learning:


    Students are emersed in a unit on collage. Through this unit, students are learning to hold scissors, properly glue, and cut straight lines and shapes. In addition, Kindergarteners will learn to draw and identify the members of their family by creating a family tree collage. 

    1st Grade

    Students are learning to draw a realistic portrait.  Students will use this information to draw portraits of community workers and then again to draw the members of their family for a family portrait.

    2nd Grade

    As Second graders learn about different types of communities, students are able to discover and explore landscapes through variety of materials. To start students will learn about artist, Romane Bearden and his artwork " The Block ". Students will sketch ideas about what they may see in a urban community and then use this as inspiration for a cityscape collage. 

    3rd Grade

    Students just completed learning about primary and secondary colors by painting their own cowl wheels. Next, students will learn to sketch selected animals of the rainforest and learn to blend colors with oil pastels.

    4th Grade

    Students are studying African American artist, Jacob Lawrence and his painted story of " The Great Migration ". Through his story and images,  students will learn to sketch a composition inspired by his work and paint with watercolors to create a work that helps to communicate a story. 

    5th Grade

    Students completed a landscape painting in which they learned to create "dull" colors by mixing complementary colors Students are now creating line drawings of people, animals and transportation inspired from time period of Westward Expansion. Next, students will explore a portrait unit of study.

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