Problem Solving

  • Here you will find several different methods for problem solving. The students will be learning about each of these different methods in school. Please use them with your child at home to reinforce what the teachers are doing in the classroom. 


    Study the problem

    -       Underline the questionThe problem is asking me to find?

    Organize the problem

    -       Identify the factsEliminate the unnecessary facts

    -       List the necessary facts

    Line up a plan

    -       Choose an operation or operations

    Write in words what your plan of action will be

    -       Build operation word wall

    Verify your plan with an action

    -       Estimate your answerCarry out your plan

    Examine the results

    -       Does your answer make sense?Is your answer reasonable?

    -       Is your answer accurate?Write your answer in a complete sentence.

    -       Recheck your math. 

    Mrs. Ulrich's Four Square Model



    What facts do I KNOW from the information in the problem?











    WHAT does the problem ask me to find?

    What STRATEGY/operation/tools will I use to solve the problem?











    Is the answer reasonable?  Does it make sense? Why?


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